Wizards Use Vim

Unleash the mighty power of Vim.
Become an awesome developer.

Unleash the power of Vim.
Become a more awesome developer.

There's programmers amongst us powerful beyond measure. Their skills so amazing as to resemble magic. They edit code at the speed of thought, they jump and fly across the source code, back and forth, an edit here. An edit there. Boom! Improving the code with surgical precision and manifesting their thoughts into code out of thin air. And you can become one of them.

Learn Vim. Be one with the code.

Wizards use Vim, the book

From the author that brought you the acclaimed series of niche and quirky JavaScript books, the half-elven ranger, deadly archer, master of the two-handed sword and dual scimitar wielder, protector of Veleiron, Falcon of the Crepuscle, silent death of the swamps of Zulk comes a new gripping adventure of epic proportions, love, betrayal and Vim.

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Welcome to The Emerald Order

You have been selected, hand-picked, because you've shown promise in the arcane arts of javascript-mancy, demonstrated sound judgment and an affinity for defeating evil. Yet for all your prowess you are but a baby out of the cradle: ignorant, unknowing, with senses so dull and underdeveloped that you can't even begin to understand how much lies beyond your understanding and how far you are from achieving your true potential.

We're the keepers of balance. We keep the world from burning. The discovery of JavaScript-mancy was a magnificent moment that started an Age of Wonders. But it also means that we now have a significant part of the population of Terra with the power to level mountains and split the world apart. We live in the shadows, we counsel, we nudge, we protect and as a last resort we strike with deadly might. But that means that we have to be better, wiser, smarter, stronger and faster than other practitioners of the arcane. And that's why we cultivate The Path. And The Path starts with The Book of Vim.

This is The Book of Vim. A collection of teachings about Vim from our wisest masters of the arcane. Vim is our text editor because unlike ferals and wild mages, we carefully craft and improve our spells, an even adapt the REPL to our own personal inclinations and strengths. This book will become your closest companion for the next weeks, years and ages to come. Read it, learn it, practice it, until it becomes part of your very being. Then, and only then will you get a glimpse of the possibilities that lie beyond.

Let's get started and lay the first stone of the foundation of the new you. An awesomer version, capable of anything you can imagine.

A beautiful emerald

Follow the Path.
Protect from the Shadows.

-- Randalf Saa'den, Keeper of the Red Flame,
Quartermaster of The Order, 5th Age

Path of the Apprentice

Learn the principles and philosophy behind Vim. Lay the foundations you need to become an effective Vim user.

In the path of the apprentice you'll discover:

  • What is Vim and Why you should care
  • The dragons of learning Vim
  • How to setup Vim
  • Tips and Tricks to learn Vim effectively
  • How to create, open and save files in Vim
  • How to exit Vim :)
  • How to insert text in Vim
  • How to move around blazingly fast using motions
  • How to edit code like magic using operators
  • The Vim Way for an Apprentice

Path of the Master

Deepen you knowledge in Vim. Practice and hone your Vim skills until you achieve mastery of the most useful core Vim features.

In the path of the apprentice you'll discover:

  • How Vim enhances copying and pasting
  • What are Vim registers
  • Undoing and redoing in Vim
  • How to select text in Visual mode
  • Being uber productive with command-line mode
  • Advanced searching
  • The magic substitute and global commands
  • How to combine external tools with Vim
  • More advanced insert mode features
  • Creating, resizing and reshuffling windows
  • Using tabs for altrnative workspaces
  • Browsing through files
  • Moving blazingly fast around files
  • Reusable edit commands with Vim macros
  • Multifile editing
  • The Vim Way for a Master

Path of the GrandMaster

Configure and extend Vim. Enhance your Vim experience with modern IDE features like autocompletion, semantic code navigation, refactoring and more.

In the path of the apprentice you'll discover:

  • How to configure Vim
  • How to can improve your mappings to be more effective
  • How to extend Vim with plugins
  • Which are the most essential plugins
  • Advanced autocompletion in Vim
  • Semantic navigation in Vim
  • Code Diagnostics in Vim
  • Advanced Code Formatting in Vim
  • Searching across code files in Vim
  • Spellchecking in Vim
  • Diffing in Vim
  • How to setup a wondrous development environment with Vim and Tmux
  • How to bring the full power of Vim to the terminal with terminal mode.
  • The Vim Way for a Grandmaster

About the author

Jaime González García is a software engineer, author, speaker and defender of all things nerd.

He works as a software engineer at Google, has published four books, authored 100+ technical articles, speaks at conferences and meetups, and organizes events in the local development community in Stockholm, Sweden.

Jaime loves spending time with his wife Malin and son Teo, creating stuff, reading fantasy and sci-fi, and lifting heaving things.